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Faced with difficult choices, people sometimes act in a weird way to find the right solution. This short story is about a married couple that is in a spot. What happens to them is nerve wrecking and should be watched. Do not miss the END..!!

Writer & Director of ‘LUNCH WITH MY FRIEND’S WIFE’ & ‘THAT SUNDAY’ brings ‘Another brilliant story from a small town in India, the world must know’.

Writer & Director
Prabhakar 'Meena Bhaskar' Pant

Deep Ajwani

Urban Cinema Company

Suruchi Aulakh
Pushkar Shrotri
Deepanshu Dhyani

Director of Photography
Arvind Yadav

Film Editor
Pushkar Bhaskar Pant

Executive Producer & Creative Director
Shankar Ram Iyer

Music & Lyrics
Sumanto Ray

A KARA Studios presentation

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