राम रहीम ने तो सनी लियॉन को भी रुला दिया था देखे वीडियो

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राम रहीम ने तो सनी लियॉन को भी रुला दिया था देखे वीडियो

rue Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim, who was convicted of rape, had refused to work with Sunny Leone at some point in time, that he had stepped into Bollywood after becoming a superstar in the porn films industry. That is why when a private TV channel gave this interview by Balochkar Baba, he was accused of rape and murder on his head. And the case was on hearing in the CBI Court of Panchkula. Let me tell you that there are many films about Baba's Bollywood stars too. After stepping into Bollywood in this sequence, Sunny Leone had a proposal to work together and went to this Baba. But this Baba turned down the offer only because Sunny Leone has been related to the porn industry. But today the black act and dirty activities of this Baba are in front of the world. Since the allegations of rape were proven in a way, where people used to address true Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim before speaking Baba first, now he has started calling people as rapist Baba.


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