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This is the BEST ever kissing and sex scenes of all f*cking time (PART 1). If you would like to see a part 2 be sure to leave a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

Guys my videos take a long time to FIND , PUT TOGETHER , and EDIT. I am not getting any kind of monetizing so if you want me to continue making videos please LIKE && SUBSCRIBE for more.

Don't feel like watching the whole thing? Look below.
0:10 Gossip Girl (Sex Scene)

1:06 Pretty Little Liars (Sex Scene)

2:10 How to Get Away With Murder (Sex Scene)

3:57 Orange is the New Black (Kiss Scene)

4:50 Lottery Ticket (Sex Scene)

6:16 Friends With Benefits (Sex Scene)

8:28 Little Rascals (Kiss Scene)

9:23 Dirty Dancing (Sex Scene)

11:55 The Notebook Performance (Kiss Scene)

12:45 Love and Basketball (Sex Scene)

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