Oculus Go // TOP 10 Questions Answered

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Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions, issues, ideas, suggestions, feedback, problems regarding the Oculus Go and I'll answer everyone I can!

In this video:

00:33 Should you buy the 32GB or 64GB version of the Oculus Go?

01:42 What is the Field of View like on the Oculus Go?

03:48 What is Netflix like on the Oculus Go?

06:19 What is the screen door effect like on the Oculus Go?

08:07 Can you charge the Oculus Go and use it at the same time?

09:40 Do the stickers on my headset cause overheating? Are there any overheating issues?

11:00 Which apps and games should I get or buy for the Oculus Go? What are the top apps and games like?

14:06 Should I buy the Oculus Go now or wait for the Oculus Quest?

15:56 What accessories should you get for the Oculus Go? What are my most recommended?

Recommended accessories https://youtu.be/lk-3z6Hq1MY

17:55 How long does the battery last in the Oculus Go? How long does the battery last in the Oculus Go Controller?

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