Tere Te Whatsapp status video || Tere Te Guru Randhawa Whatsapp status video

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Video Lyrics-
Koi😍 vi na tere muqable👰 di ni 
Tu 👸saareya toh 💖kaim ni
Main dil💓 laayin phirda 🙇aa tere 😅naal
Tere kollon😚 phorra vi time🕜 ni

Mundeya😎 nu laare tu 😯laawe
Jhootiyan😜 kassma tu 😌khawe
Kardi aa😏 fake tu 🤝promissan 
Sannu🙏 rab🛐 hi bachawe

Tere te😆, tere te😆, tere te😆
Aankh😉 meri khadd di 😘aa tere 👸te
Tere te😘, tere te😘, tere te😘
Aankh 😉meri khadd 😚di aa tere te😘

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