Watch Jewel Basics - Watch and Learn #3

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In today's Watch and Learn video, we cover the basics of watch jewels. What does the number of jewels in a watch mean? What is a jewel? What are the various types? Why are they important?

A 17 jewel watch has bearings from the balance wheel to the center wheel pivot bearings jeweled, therefore considered a 'fully jeweled' watch. 19 - 21 jewel watches are typically higher grade. To minimize positional error, capstones are added to the lever and escape wheel bearings, making 21 jewels. A 17 jewel watch looks the same as a 21 jewel watch to the naked eye, because the additional jewels are usually all cap jewels at the top and bottom of two of the wheels. The balance wheel pivots were the first mechanism to be jeweled in watches, followed by the escapement. As more jeweled bearings were added, they were applied to slower moving wheels. Prior to WWII, a 15 jewel watch was considered "fully jeweled." In the post-WWII era, a fully-jeweled watch was often defined as having at least 17 - jewels.

Watch this video and you will understand the basics of watch jewels!