What Your Smile Says About Your Personality

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What kind of smile do you have? Your smile tells a whole story about your personality, the state of your health, and so much more! It lets other people know whether or not you’re having a good time, but it’s not just good for reflecting your feelings or mood.

Do you know that different types of smiles are associated with certain personality traits. For example, a gappy smile is often perceived as a sign of sensuality, especially when the gap is between the two front teeth. Prominent canine teeth usually indicate dominance and super confidence. An overcrowded smile is usually associated with success and perfectionism.

What kind of smile do you have? 0:38
What does your smile say about you overall? 2:10
How can your smile help you? 5:15
Practice different types of smiles. 5:53
How can you make your smile even more attractive? 7:01

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- Extroverts tend to beam widely, while shy types prefer to hide their smile behind closed lips. If you wanna give the impression of an outgoing person, try a big smile. It’ll show that you're ready to open up.
- A healthy smile can often mean a healthy body, and vice versa. If you have problems with your gums, you're likely to be at risk of respiratory, heart, and kidney disease.
- Your smile can help you come across as confident and professional. For example, a person with a big eager smile on their face is perceived as flexible, reliable, and trustworthy.
- If you want to show that you're pleased with someone’s work or something they’ve done, you can practice making a rewarding smile. Just pull your lips upwards to expose your teeth.
- This smile will help you communicate to people that you like or are interested in getting to know them. Press your lips together and smile. You can also try to create little dimples near the corners of your mouth.
- The difference between a fake and genuine smile is all in the eyes. That's why if your smile doesn't reach your eyes and create those little wrinkles on the outer corners, you won’t look like you’re really feeling the emotion you’re trying to express.

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